Livart Air Purifier/Humidifier
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Livart Air Purifier/Humidifier

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The Livart Humidifier/Air Purifier L-A100W quickly produces moisture in your home, allowing you control over your preferred humidity level and providing relief from dry air & cleans the air around you. 

There are 3 layers of filters: HEPA Filter to filter dust, VITA filter, and Urethane Antibacterial Filter to clean you air and make it germ free.

The Livart L-A100W features an 4 modes (AI, Sleep, Child, and Cold) along with other features such as Air Cleaning mode, Warm Steam Mode. 

This humidifier/Air Purifier also has an LED timer and a water level gauge. 

Product Name  Humidifier (Air Washer)
Power AC120V/60Hz
Power Consumption  Warm Steam: 330W, Natural Steam: 32W
Maximum Spray Performance  450cc/Hour (During warm steam mode)
Continuous Spray Time Approximately 13 hours (on "High" steam mode)
Water Tank Capacity Approximately 6L
Humidity Display Humidity sensor
Exterior Size 370X250X420mm
Weight Approximately 6.4kg empty 

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